Time Doesn’t Have To Hold You Back

IMG_0023The cover of Eleanor is what drew me in first. The back of the book said there was a tragedy that ripped this family apart with a little magical element sprinkled in. And magical realism is one of my favorite genres so I was all over this book.
It starts out as a straight and narrow family drama. Jason Gurley leaps through time, showing us the major moments that changed the people involved and how it affected their future. Straight from the beginning it pulled at my heartstrings. Grandma Eleanor disappears, daughter Agnes doesn’t know how to be a mother, granddaughter Eleanor grows up without her twin Esmerelda and has to learn how to take care of an alcoholic Agnes.
Jason Gurley has an elegant and warm writing style. He wrapped up the loose ends and it came full circle, back to the prologue. It’s an emotional story about family and how far you would go to fix your family. There is a strong sister element, and any sister connection always gets to me because of my close relationship with my own sister. Gurley had me excited to see what would happen next and I was really pleased with the ending, which we all know can be a deal breaker.


Eleanor was self-published by Jason Gurley in 2014 and will be published by Crown Publishers on January 12, 2016.

By Emily Coleman


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