Everyone Has a Dysfunctional Family

First of all, The Nest has a beautiful cover. It looks elegant and sophisticated and the writing didn’t disappoint. I was blown away. Not only by Sweeney’s writing style, but by her handling of characters and their understanding of the situations around them. There is a secret part of myself that loves small town gossip and Sweeney has an exquisite talent at baring the depths of the human condition.IMG_0431

The Nest closely follows 4 siblings as they
eagerly await the release of the funds stashed away by their deceased father. Each have their own agenda for the funds that exploded in the mutual investment stocks until the eldest sibling makes a grave mistake and their emotionally elusive mother sweeps in for damage control. The family implodes when they realize each sibling will receive a fraction of what they were expecting.

The Plump family are no more dysfunctional than most but it’s not often you are privy to the raw honesty Sweeney portrays. She delves deep, revealing each characters secrets, longings, and selfishness. Sweeney even explores the family’s friends and acquaintances. Not one character felt flat. I still think about them, wondering how Stephanie is doing, is Melody happy, where is Leo now? There are many characters that flit in and out of my head, but I feel like the Plump family will stay with me for a long time.


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