Georgia is an historical fiction piece about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. I knew nothing about her and now I feel like I know her as an intimately as myself. Dawn Tripp did an amazing amount of research to get into the head of this iconic artist.IMG_0364

The book moves throughout Georgia’s life as a young woman living in Texas, highlighting her years living with Alfred Stieglitz in New York, to spending her older years in New Mexico. The story depicts the rise and fall of this power couple but through it all, they kept creating. What was most inspiring about this novel for me was how prolific of creators they bother were. For Georgia to paint was like breathing. It naturally happened and when she wasn’t able to it was a physical pain.

The couple inspired each other for better or worse, during good and bad. My fiancé and I both write and I hope that I am an inspiration to him and his creative nature as he is to mine. I fell into this book and was engulfed by Tripp’s beautiful writing and inspirational insight.


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