January 2019 Reading Wrap Up

The Gilded Wolves – 4 stars
A decadent historical fantasy dripping in mystery and danger with a diverse cast of characters.

White Stag – 4 stars

Living with goblins is never a pleasant experience and Jenneke has been condemned to a century in their service. She battles her inner demons to remain human and resist the urge to turn into a monster.

Rosalynd – 4 stars
Rosalynd Van Helsing picks up the mantel of her family history and battles vampires in a snowy wasteland.

North Echo – 3 stars

A retelling of a Norwegian fairytale with elements from the Scottish ballad Tam Lin, Echo North is a whimsical adventure story steeped in love.

Paper Girls Vol 5 – 5 stars
Always full of adventure.

Outcast Vol 5 – 4 stars
This volume showcases new characters with exciting twists and new adventures.

Plumdog – 3 stars
Seeing daily life through the eyes of Plum the dog leads to a heartwarming journey with this love-filled family.

Watersnakes – 4 stars
Gorgeously illustrated story with mysterious ghosts and warriors and a battle to save the king.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles – 4 stars
To win his wife back, Toru will end up in the bottom of a well in the dream-like folds of reality.

A Land More Kind Than Home – 3 stars
The religious south often feels like a medieval fantasy world and Wiley Cash doesn’t shy away from making us uncomfortable.

Soundless – 3 stars
These villagers have lived decades in silence until one villager suddenly finds she can hear. Now she must find out what’s happened to her village to save them from continued misfortune.


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