We love books, from the cover design to the texture of the pages. We are enticed by the smell of the written word, newly printed ink to musty brittle pages, and we love cracking a fresh spine. Most of all, we love stories.

This blog was created to review books based on the emotion and ideas the book’s stories inspired in us while we dragged it around, reading it on the subway, at work, in bed, or while walking if the book really was that good. We hope this will encourage the readership of each book, and will help reader’s find their next written love.

The focus is on independent book and publishing companies, but we’ll sprinkle in some random reviews and articles as well.

We are accepting any local published books for review. Please visit our contact page for more information.



  1. You guys are amazing,your reviews are right on point.I have read all the books you’ve recommended and I must admit they are one of the best books I have ever put my hands on 😆 and I am a very VERY picky reader 😉 Waiting for your next book review ,I always need more books on my shelves 😁

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