Robert Jackson Bennett

City of Conclusions

The conclusion of a series is always bitter sweet. Even if the last book isn’t as perfect as the first one, knowing there won’t be another story in this world or with these characters is always sad. City of Miracles wraps up The Divine Cities trilogy and based on the ending, we won’t be visiting the city of Bulikov with Shara and Sigrud again.

Sigrud is always Shara’s side kick but he takes the main stage when he learns of her death. Ever loyal, he returns from exile to avenge her death (I was trying to stay away from that description, but it’s exactly what he does). Shara has never done anything simply so naturally Sigrud runs into a tangle of mysteries that envelope Shara and her daughter, Tatyana, and later Sigrud himself. We meet a plethora of new characters but some old faces join Sigrud’s mission of protecting Tatyana. (He completed his revenge on Shara’s killer within the first few chapters as efficiently as we expected.)

As much as I liked Sigrud’s character in the first two books, it wasn’t the best idea to make him the leading character. Putting Sigrud at the forefront drastically changed the dynamic of everything Bennett had previously set up. Shara’s story was steeped in politics and the war that breaks out was a centralized action scene. With Sigrud leading the way, the story became an action packed thriller. Shara was the brains and Sigrud is the brawn. Sigrud could help Shara piece together the clues and events but she was vastly more educated than him. Nothing against Sigrud, as he’s always been a great character, but it was more fun watching Shara’s brain piece together the puzzle than follow Sigrud fumble through the mysteries of Shara’s work alone.

While Sigrud made for a less than desirable main character, it was still an enjoyable book, with the right ending. This last book action at the front but it never lost its mysteries or investigation work that we all originally fell in love with. It’s nice to see the series wrapped up nicely. I haven’t read Bennett’s older stuff but it’s been added to my TBR pile.



By: Emily Coleman
I received an ARC of City of Miracles from Blogging for Books for an honest review.


Survivors Guilt

City of Blades is the second book to City of Stairs and the only work I’ve read by Robert Jackson Bennett. So far, he has me thoroughly engaged. IMG_0154City of Stairs had a slow start because I wasn’t expecting it to be as political heavy as it was but my interest quickly picked up. I was all too happy to jump into City of Blades.

The second book follows General Turyin Mulaghesh as she sets out on a secret mission from Prime Minister Shara Thivani. She’s following up on the disappearance of Sumitra Choudhry and what she might have discovered about the Divine miracles that are no longer supposed to work since the deaths of the Gods decades ago. It was great seeing the point of view from Mulaghesh. She rounded out as a character even further than what we see in the first novel. Mulaghesh is a guilt ridden general who has a lot to make up for from her early days in the military.

Robert Jackson Bennett has created a murder mystery series in an intricately built fantasy world. It never felt like I was reading a murder mystery as I was simply enjoying the characters and this new world. I can’t wait to see what Bennett brings with the third novel and whose point of view it will be in. I have my fingers crossed for Sigrud’s point of view next.


By Emily Coleman